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KVM Trust

KVM College of Nursing

KVM College of Nursing was instituted in the academic year of 2002. It is located in the KVM Trust Complex near to the K.V.M Superspeciality Hospital Complex, Cherthala, in Alappuzha District. It is affiliated to the Kerala University and approved by Indian Nursing Council and Kerala Nurses and Midwives Council in the academic year 2002 attached to the KVM Super Speciality Hospital.

Health and Education are the wealth of the country. Ever since the inception of the K.Velayudhan Memorial Trust in 1983, it has championed to meet the needs of the society. Starting with a hospital for the care of the sick, the KVM Trust has given attention to start various need-based courses at the right moment, pulsing the need of the society. It has tried its best to keep pace with the demands of growing & developing society. It opted to walk through a path others seldom selected, to solve the urgent need of the society.

The KVM Trust envisaged a State of the Art College of Nursing. KVM College of Nursing is a result of this long cherished dream of K.Velayudhan Memorial Trust.


To be the leading model of excellence in education , KVM College of nursing provide quality higher education, health care to public and promotion of research activities.

KVM College of Nursing aims at turning out intellectually enlightened , morally upright, emotionally balanced and socially committed leaders of tomorrow


To establish excellence in nursing education by placing students learning as top priority.

To promote innovative research that will benefit the humanity.

To create, empowered, committed , compassionate and skillfull healthcare providers who make a difference in building a healthy family , society and nation.


The College of Nursing believe that,

The nursing courses ( MSc Nursing, PBBSc Nursing & BSc Nursing ) should be planned around the nursing care need of the society as well as the educational needs and personal development of nursing students.

The primary focus of the educational program is to prepare the student nurse for professional nursing practices in all fields.

The courses offer an educational base needed for continuing nursing education.

The faculty of the college accepts the responsibility of helping the students to adjust to new situations and provides them with the opportunity, which contribute towards development of the student as a person, responsible citizen and competent practitioner.

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